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Re-Volting Chakras

We are a walking energy field, and most of us don't realize what the full potential of our bodies even might be. I include myself in this as I am always being amazed and learning new things as I age and need to find alternate ways to do what I once may have taken for granted.

The image that comes to mind when you hear the word "idea" is a brain with a light bulb above. Did you know that our brains can actually power a small light bulb (now I understand that graphic better) or about 12-25 watts. I also now know the meaning of "lights are on, nobody is home, or the dim bulb" comments I have heard over the years in movies. I'm guessing they didn't know either just how creative and powerful our bodies really are.

Our bodies contain 7 major Chakra locations which are our energy centers, responsible for our sense of inner harmony, sense of calm and balance. Our mind, body and spirit is dependent on the flow of energy through our Chakras. Like a power connection, our energy only works to its full potential when the system is connected and open. When our Chakras are blocked, our energy is blocked or re-routed flowing slower if at all. What helps during this situation- self Reiki, knowing which Chakra is in need of "re-volting" or opening to allow it to charge back up. Once you've gotten your Chakras reopened, the energy flow will even out, allowing the energy even out by itself and your body becomes re-balanced.

How do you know when you might have blocked Chakra(s) and what you might be experiencing due to it-

If you don't know self Reiki or have a Reiki practitioner nearby to offer you a hands on session or distance session, there are some things you can try to reopen your Chakra centers. First, start with your Root Chakra as it is the foundation to your body and like a home, needs a stable, solid base on which to build.

Steps to reopen your blockage- 1. Try meditation. See your Chakra as a strong and solid base upon which to build

anything you may wish to create and to hold in balance all you currently are.

2. Visualize the color red which is the Root Chakra color. I visualize and when I have

trouble doing so, name 10 different items which are red as that seems to help stabilize the color for me.

3. Use essential oils such as cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang or one of

several others. 4. Try a sound bath or singing bowl session, both of which can be found on YouTube.

5. Try the yoga Tree pose to reopen the Root Chakra.

You can follow this for each Chakra point adjusting the associated Chakra color, the essential oils that focus on each zone as well as the yoga move.

So, on average, the human body at rest produces around 100 watts of power. We can sustain 300-400 watts comfortably. What good is it you might be thinking at this point. Well, other than being able to power a small light bulb, one can actually power their phone. I bet that got your attention didn't it. It's amazing what you can find during a Google search. In case you want to have your own MacGyver moment, here's what you do: You need two silver coins, a paper clip, a piece of paper, your charging cable and of course your phone. The electricity from your body is stored in the capacitor and then sent to the phone to charge it. The coins act as a two plates of a capacitor and the air gap and the paper act as the insulator (dielectric). The paper clip is to connect inside of your USB connector to the outer plate of the capacitor. Go ahead, Google it and watch the YouTube clip.

All kidding aside, we have to maintain our energy to sustain life. Food is fuel as is our interactions with others as we share our light and energy. It's imperative that we do all we can to maintain the health and ability of our Chakras. When you feel your body start to drain, breathe. Allow yourself to take the time it needs to re-volt/recharge and reconnect.

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