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Channels Holistic Life Coaching


Reiki is a Holistic form of healing so the addition of life coaching seems like a natural progression. According to an article in Cafetruth, there are several benefits from working with a life coach and they are:

Top 10 Benefits

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers recently asked the clients themselves how they had benefited from their life coaching experiences.  

  • Increased self-confidence, self esteem – A study by Grant of the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia found that life coaching also enhances a person’s mental health.  Combined, these three aspects create a strongly positive mindset – an important key to success.

  • Better relationships – Life coaches help people gain clarity about their relationship “wants and needs” so they can build healthier relationships.

  • Improved communication skills – Effective communication reduces misunderstandings and shortens the time it takes to make others understand what you need or want.

  • Stronger interpersonal skills – From buying fruit to interviewing for a business loan, people skilled at interpersonal relations have the world as their resource.

  • Enhanced work performance – Life coaching can contribute to a better and more satisfying work experience.

  • Correct work/life balance – Very much an individual issue, it is often tricky arriving at the equilibrium that’s right for you.

  • Greater wellness – Being well is more than taking medicine.  Life coaches work with their clients to create “do-able”, comprehensive plans.

  • Wider career opportunities – These include options that were too frightening, those “out of one’s reach”, and areas that were not even considered but now seem so obvious.

  • Effective organization and time management  – People feel they control their lives rather than their lives controlling them.

  • Heightened team effectiveness -  Life coaching is also about groups and teams.  The same benefits that individuals can enjoy also apply to teams and groups.


Coaching can be done by phone, email or chat. The first session will be a face to face zoom session so we can get to know one another and discuss what your goals are. You can combine a coaching session with a Reiki session also if you'd like.


Make a difference in your life in as little as 90 days.

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